La Valière camping near Lake Serre-Ponçon


Booking contract La Valière

Article 1 - Duration of the stay
The client who signs this contract concluded for a fixed period may not under any circumstances claim any right to
right to remain in the premises.

Article 2 - conclusion of the contract
The reservation becomes effective as soon as the client has sent La Valière a deposit of 50% of the total price of the stay and a copy of the signed
and a copy of the contract signed. The second copy of the contract must be kept by the client.

Article 3 - Cancellation by the client

a) All cancellations must be notified by registered letter to La Valière, which may request the balance of the cost of the stay if the cancellation occurs less than 30 days before the planned date of arrival. The deposit remains the property of the owner.

b) No-show of the client. If the client does not show up on the date scheduled for the beginning of the stay, the present contract becomes null and void and the owner can dispose of his chalet or studio. The deposit remains with the owner who will request payment of the balance of the rental price.

c) Shortened stay: In the event of a shortened stay, the price corresponding to the cost of the rental remains with the owner.

d) Reduction in the number of tenants: Unless the owner has given prior written consent, no reduction in the number of tenants in relation to the number indicated in the present contract may lead to a reduction in the price of the rental initially determined.

Article 4 - Cancellation by the owner
When the owner cancels the stay before the beginning of the stay, he must inform the client by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt. The client, without prejudice to any recourse for compensation for any damage suffered, will be reimbursed immediately for the sums paid. He will also receive an indemnity at least equal to the penalty he would have paid if the cancellation had been made by him on that date.

Article 5 - Arrival
 The chalet is available from 4 p.m. on the day of arrival and until 10 a.m. on the day of departure. The client must arrive on the day specified on the present contract. In case of late or delayed arrival, the client must inform La Valière

Article 6 - Payment of the balance
The balance must be paid on arrival. Additional services not mentioned in the contract must be paid at the end of the stay. 

Article 7 - tourist tax
The tourist tax is a local tax that the client must pay on arrival, it is then paid to the Treasury.

Article 8 - Security deposit
On arrival at La Valière, a deposit of 300€ is required. At the end of the stay, it will be returned, after deduction of the cost of repairing the premises, if any damage has been noted. Furthermore, the chalet is rented to you: cleaned, and must be returned in the same condition, otherwise a cleaning fee (50€) will be due.

Article 9 - Use of the premises
The client must ensure the peaceful nature of the premises and use them in accordance with their purpose, and must respect the internal regulations. 

Article 10 - Capacity
If the number of holidaymakers present exceeds the capacity approved by the various departmental services, the owner is able to refuse the additional clients. This refusal can in no way be considered as a modification or a breach of contract on the owner's initiative, so that in the event of the departure of a number of holidaymakers greater than those refused, no reimbursement can be envisaged.

Article 11 - Animals
Animals are not allowed. In the event that the client does not respect this clause, this refusal can in no way be considered as a modification or a breach of contract on the initiative of the owner, so that in the event of the client's departure, no reimbursement can be considered. 

Article 12 - Insurance
The client is responsible for all damage caused by him.

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